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By: Irina Ivan | September 24, 2017

The Internet is a such a place of paradoxes when it comes to the type of the content populating it. As users, we claim to reject negativity, but we feel drawn to click any link “promising” to depict a disaster ready to unleash. On the other hand, marketers claim to present things as they are for real, yet most of the services and products are “first-in-class,” “cutting-edge,” “top-notch,” “groundbreaking.” Let's be honest, revolutions don't happen every day, and there is a strong reason why only a handful of brand names have come to be synonyms with the industry they operate in: Google is The Search Engine, Facebook is The Social Media, iPhone and Samsung are The Smartphones.

So, a natural question arises: is bombastic, overly optimisti...

By: Irina Ivan | April 03, 2017

We are seeing more and more Web Designers or Graphic Designers taking the leap to User Experience Designers.
User Experience Specialist is already a well-established role itself.
With the focus we put today on user experience, developers see their own work making the shift from fully technical to user-oriented.

But why aren't we yet talking about User Experience Developers?

Do developers have what it takes to ensure a good user experience?

In practice, it seems most of the developers are not prepared or even “designed” to make a difference in optimizing apps and websites for real users.

Truth is that, although most of the developers don't play an assumed active role in optimizing user experience, many of the apps and websites they crea...

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By: Irina Ivan | May 07, 2016

I have too often heard people underrating the confirmation messages. It's amazing how caught up we get in throwing suitable messages when errors occurs or when users do something wrong. But when it comes to confirming that they are on the right track, we treat it as a detail we can live without.

Now let's imagine a stadium where a football match is being played, a goal is scored and the game goes on as if nothing happened: players don't take time to enjoy the moment, public has no reaction. It would be kind of awkward because it is in human nature to look for validation around us and this applies in all life aspects and experiences, including UX.

When designing your app or website, think about why, when you are walking on the streets...

By: Irina Ivan | March 28, 2016

We are looking for German, Dutch, Portuguese and Arabic native speakers with professional translation skills for project-based collaboration.Our ideal work mate would meet the below requirements:

  • excellent command of English

  • native German/Dutch/Portuguese/Arabic speakerconfortable with working under deadlines

  • familiar with Web/IT language

  • SEO basic understanding and knowledge:  ability to understand the importance of keywords in the targeted language and adapt content based on them; ability to use tools like Google Trends, Google Adwords; understanding of meta-content

  • Serious and responsible

If you are interested, please send your application including your CV and your rate/word at forward to hearing from you!

By: Irina Ivan | January 17, 2016

Small things that can make the difference in social media strategy

With the plugins that social media offer now, viral marketing is open to everyone. And althought you can hardly find one website or app that doesn't allow users to spread the word on social media, few of them manage to persuade them to actually click the magic button and increase the number of followers.

We might say that social media plugins are for web what the little black dress is for a woman's wardrobe: everybody owns at least one, but not all know how to shine wearing it.  

So, just like in fashion, let's look at the best in class and get some inspiration.  
(before continuing there is a small observation to be done: we do not have in mind big brands with notori...